Arun K. Tangirala

Arun K. Tangirala

Associate Professor

Dept. of Chemical Engineering
IIT Madras
Chennai 600036 
Tamilnadu, India

Phone: +91-44-22574181
Fax: +91-44-22574152




Research Projects


Dr. Arun K. Tangirala obtained his Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT Madras in 1996 and his Doctoral degree in Process Control & Monitoring from the Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada in the year 2001. Continuing as a Post-Doctoral Fellow for a short period, he joined as a Research Manager in the Industry-Govt. sponsored Chair Program at the same department. He was in charge of this position until Dec. 2004.

In Dec. 2004, Dr. Tangirala returned to his alma mater (IIT-M) as a Visiting Faculty in the Department of Chemical Engineering. He is presently serving as  Associate Professor in  the Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Madras.

He is a passionate teacher and researcher with interests spanning the fields of process control and monitoring, identification, applied signal processing and fuel cell systems. He has taught several full-term and short-term courses on process control, system identification, theory and applications of wavelet transforms, random processes and fuel cell systems.

Research Areas

  • Performance monitoring of control systems 

  • Process Identification

  • Fault Detection & Diagnosis

  • Multivariate Data Analysis

  • Applied SIgnal Processing

  • Time-Frequency Analysis

  • Modelling, Control & Monitoring of Fuel Cell Systems

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